Life Book 2015 – Week 1 – Beacon of Light with Tamara Laporte

finally I finished today my beacon of light: the phoenix and his orange fire I saw in the meditation. I had to buy a new neocolor II in red orange and took the opportunity to buy some more… I didnt know which eraser pen Tamara used, so I first bought the wrong one which is meant for ink and not pencil. But that was a happy serendipity. I accidently dripped orange neocolor II when I used it like watercolor and I found out, that the white faber castell eraser pencil can easily erase neocolor II.

my main word of the year is “embrace change”. then there is “focus”, “re-born” and “flow”. The symbol which I saw was from Harry Potter of the “Deathly Hallows”, maybe because I re-watched the movie the week before the meditation. I added the lyrics of Conchita Wurst’s “Rice like a phoenix” with which she won the eurovision song contest.

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